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Event reports

Updated 10 January 2013

Here are a few selected reports on our weekends away. More coming soon. Enjoy.



  • Glen Coe, Easter 2011 - The top few 10s of metres is a scramble, but you don't feel exposed, and you clamber out the top of the coire onto the ridge that forms the backbone of the mountain feeling exhilarated ... More

  • Llangollen, March 2011 - Railing to the left, narrow walkway, canal to the right, no railing on the other side; stunning views but hair-raising to walk along, in particular when passing someone coming in the other direction ... More


  • Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire - ... the stuff of myths and legends, the fact that we know so little about why these features exist only adds to their intrigue. More

  • Perseids night walk - But it was out here on the moors in the early hours of the morning where we experienced the strange sight of a lone figure approaching us dressed in a 3 piece suit with a yellow flower in his lapel ... More

  • Welsh Bicknor canoe trip - I found the boat pointing at 90 degrees to where it should have been going, at the mercy of the rapids. Fortunately there was a tree in the way. I grabbed it. Big mistake .... More

  • Oxford - It was a beautiful spring day, daffodils waving in the sunlight, trees in bud, blue skies - one of those days that make you glad you are a walker! More

  • Braemar, Easter - I only realised later that evening that we could have bagged two more summits for little extra effort; drat two more ticks missed! ... More

  • Kendal, New Year - Against a howling gale like a jet engine, and relentlessly lashed by spindrift, it was all you could do to stay on your feet ... More


  • Capel Curig, September 2009 - A remarkable weekend of high octane exhilaration ... More

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