Nottingham Outdoor YHA Group

What to expect at the hostel

Bedding is provided. The bunk will have a duvet, or blankets. You claim a bunk by making it up. Just putting your kit on it is not enough.

There will be toilets and washing facilities. There should be showers at most UK hostels. Only the most basic will not have a shower, and the group very rarely goes to one of these.

With regards to food, most of the group self cater. There will be a members kitchen which provides basic cooking facilities: e.g. gas stoves and grills. Cooking utensils, plates and crockery are also provided.

Most hostels will cook food for you, but this costs extra and needs to be booked. If you want meals, tick the relevant box on the event sheet. Alternatively, you can ask the warden when you get there. However, the warden normally may request 12 hours notice.

Alcohol and pubs

Most hostels nowadays allow drinking with meals. However, the rule is "with your meal" and something different should not be expected.

The group spends a reasonable amount of time in pubs on a weekend, e.g. Friday night, Saturday night, and possible visits for an hour during the walk where one can normally order food and drink.

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