Nottingham Outdoor YHA Group

To go on an event

Every event we run has a sheet with a list of names of those going. The sheets are available for your perusal every Thursday. To put your name on an event, come down on a Thursday and put your name on the sheet, or call the event organiser.


We arrange car shares for getting to and from the hostels, and petrol costs are paid directly to the driver during the course of the weekend. If you own a car we would request that you offer it for use as transport, although we don't expect to call on you for every event.

Paying for an event

You will be asked to pay the deposit for the event (if applicable) at least 8 weeks in advance as this is when we pay the hostel (which is a lot less than the YHA would like). If you have put your name on the sheet, but have not paid the deposit before the 8 week deadline then you will fall foul of the "8 week rule".

Cheques are payable to: "Notts Outdoor YHA Group", or "N.O.Y.H.A.G." for short. Please write what the cheque is for on the reverse side, as this makes the treasurer's life easier.

The 8-week rule

If you have not paid the event deposit prior to the 8 week deadline, you will be removed from the event.

If you have paid up and fail to go, it may be possible for you to claim a refund from the YHA but this is your responsibility. Please see YHA handbook. The deposit collected for a weekend will normally cover the cost of the hostel accommodation.

If you are eligible for a discount (e.g. student, UB40 etc.) please ensure that you mention this to the organiser of the weekend at the time of booking, otherwise you will have to pay the full rate. However, remember that proof will be required by the hostel warden when you check into the hostel.

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